Films from Literature ENG 2400

It is important that each member of our class has access to the videos.

There are two folders,

one (1) for the full films.

Another (2) with the presentations unique to our class.  I edited these myself for us.

All videos should all be seen and if you are not sure of the order (explained in the syllabus) just
write to me. They are named but not numbered in the folders. Eventually, I may number them
in the exact order.

Please note: You should watch as if you were in class, not while texting, looking at TV or
browsing on your phone. Please actually pay attention to what you are seeing. The
presentations usually start with an introduction to read. It provides context. The end credits are no longer fully accurate since
each semester I make changes and most students do not read the end credits…

For the presentations not for the full films, which we will start in about four weeks—I am
asking you to post responses each week since we cannot be in a classroom to discuss them.

For each presentation, please add your comments in the Discussion board

A. Name three things that you learned in the presentation.

B. Name at least one thing you liked in the presentation.

C. Ask at least one question about the content of the presentation.

Posting your responses counts towards your class participation and weekly attendance.

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