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Writing sample

   Guns in the United States of America: A Public Health Issue Fabia J Hinds-Bertrand  NUR 4110, 8541 Prof. McGirr […]

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Fabia J Hinds-Bertrand cover letter

Fabia J Hinds-Bertrand, BSN 8515 Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11236 917-756-6675 – 347-312-5563 Fjhinds@live.com Dear Sir/Madam; I am submitting my resume […]

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Self-analysis of the program

The RNBS program has validated my attitude and opinion in regards to the many career options that I have as […]

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Fabia J Hinds-Bertrand writing sample

  Issues In Nursing Fabia J Hinds-Bertrand NUR 4130, 8549 Prof. Dato April 7, 2013   The task of this […]

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My strengths

I am a nonjudgmental listener which enables me to hear the concerns voiced by my supervisor, coworkers, and most importantly […]

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Thank you letter

May 1, 2012 Fabia J Hinds-Bertrand, BSN RN 8515 Ave N Brooklyn, NY 11236 Dear Sir/Madame: It was very enjoyable […]

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My Nursing Philosophy

In the field of nursing, I ascribed to the principle of patient safety. Physical and psychological patient safety is effectively applied through providing and coordinating […]

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Fabia J Hinds-Bertrand’s Resume

Fabia J Hinds-Bertrand, RN 8515 Ave N Brooklyn, NY 11236 fjhinds@live.com 917-756-6675 Profile Registered Professional Nurse utilizing primary nursing as the model […]

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