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I will continue

My first open lab blog. I am not certain what the content of this blog will be or if anyone will […] See MoreI will continue

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   Guns in the United States of America: A Public Health Issue Fabia J Hinds-Bertrand  NUR 4110, 8541 Prof. McGirr May 13, 2013               Gun violence in the United States of America (USA/US/America) needs to be o See MoreWriting sample

Self-analysis of the program

The RNBS program has validated my attitude and opinion in regards to the many career options that I have as a nurse. Additionally, professors and classmates have inspired me to pursue my education beyond the BSN. I have gain a better understanding See MoreSelf-analysis of the program

Fabia J Hinds-Bertrand writing sample

  Issues In Nursing Fabia J Hinds-Bertrand NUR 4130, 8549 Prof. Dato April 7, 2013   The task of this paper is to identify and state the significance of three of the most important nursing issues today. The topics chosen were See MoreFabia J Hinds-Bertrand writing sample