ENT4499-D286 Culmination F15

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ENT4499-D286 Culmination F15
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Entertainment Technology
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Semester / Year
Fall 2015
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The course is to serve as the senior thesis project. The student will either: 1) act in a principal supervisory role in a production as a designer or technical director; 2) propose, design and build a specialized piece of show equipment; or 3) develop a project which utilizes his/her skills in a new and innovative way that relates to or impacts on the entertainment industry. All projects must be approved by the adviser and should demonstrate professional management, technical design and presentation skills. Documentation of planning, design and realization will be presented to a committee of instructors, both in entertainment technology and related disciplines, as well as industry professionals; all are to be selected by the students and approved by the adviser. Though students will enroll in the course during their senior year, development of the project should begin during the second semester of the junior year.


This course was created by: Professor Adrianne Wortzel

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