ENT3310 Monster Shop, FA2015

I have chosen a rather interesting but very simple device as my choice of a cool mechanical device. The old fashioned hand crank ice cream maker is a very simple but cool device that transfers rotational energy in one plane into rotational energy in another plane. This in turn churns the iced cream and over time become close to freezing. I was not able to get any pictures of the internals, so I am assuming that the crankshaft is connected to an axle which is also connected to a worm screw. This worm screw turns a gear with matching teeth to transfer the rotational energy from one plane to another. I chose this machine because of its simplicity and transfer of motion. A slight bit of engineering has created a tool for making batches of ice cream. How cool is that? I researched a little information on this topic but was not able to come up with any credible info about how it works, other than how the paddle works and a bit of science behind it, rather than the actual crankshaft itself.