ENT2210 Advanced Scenery Construction FA2015


Richard Holzhauer      9/7/15 Homework #1

Allied Building Supplies

Allied Building Supplies is a store mainly providing external building supplies. This includes vinyl siding, aluminum products, roofing supplies, and supplies for concrete work. You can also buy lumber, but it does not have the range of lumber products that a lumber yard would carry.

The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the products they carried. I asked for a drip cap (used when installing a new shingle roof) at the desk when I first walked in. The woman that helped me was working there for a long time and knew exactly what I needed. Since this product came in all sizes and shapes, she brought me over to a display area which had small pieces of the product in sizes and colors that would be used to match the color of your house. She also asked how many feet I would need of the product.

The store area was small since the majority of the products that people buy there are larger supplies that are kept in the warehouse behind the store. Although the store was not large, it had a decent supply of products organized by the type of project you were doing. Hand tools for concrete work were all in one section and other sections provided tools for roofing and siding. It was easy to find the tools you needed.

It was not easy to find the location of the store. You have to travel down a side block then travel down an ally before you even see the sign for the store. They carry tools but more hand tools than power tools than you would see in Home Depot. Home Depot has a larger selection of power tools. For the products they sell the prices were very good. Allied is not a store that would usually have sales, but their regular prices were reasonable. This store stands out because, for the areas of supplies they carry they had everything you would need, and you would not have to go shopping anywhere else. Delivery charge was very reasonable as well.