ENT2210 Advanced Scenery Construction FA2015

I apologize if this is in the wrong section of open lab. And also apologize for not knowing how to make the pictures smaller when I tried.

      The hardware store I visited over the weekend was Midville Hardware & Paint True Value at 7302 Metropolitan Ave, Middle Village, NY 11379. This is a convenient corner store hardware store for most household needs. This store does not sell lumber or power tools. The store’s main focus is their paint supply. They recently expanded their store in the last year. Their expansion added more space for their paint supply section. The staff is very helpful and willing to assist. They give great advice to costumers from my past experiences here. The store is pretty easy to find things in and if you can’t you are always welcomed to ask the employees. The store is in a very easy spot to find since it is on a main avenue in Queens and Middle Village. They also do sell plumbing and electrical supplies for quick fixes and repairs  one may need to do in their house. There are good deals here, but no buyers club. This store has very few staff, yet they always make themselves available to help their customers and make close bonds with their customers which makes the store stand out to me. 

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