ENT2210 Advanced Scenery Construction FA2015

The hardware store I visited was located in South Ozone Park, Queens. “Empire Hardware Paint and Supply” 112-18 Liberty Ave 11419. This hardware store was hard to find, being a small location in a populated area. Upon walking in there was a slew of different tools, and accessories for those tools. I walked around to see how simple it was to find a tool I was looking for, before asking for any help. It was quite easy, each isle had all tools, parts, and accessories related to certain types of hardware. Bathroom and plumbing supplies in one isle, hand tools in another, electrical supplies, landscaping and all. Being so small everything was neatly organized and easy to find, however, they did not have the space to accommodate lumber of any kind. With good inspection, there were no power tools that I could find, assuming storage for such hardware would not be possible due to the store’s size. Unfortunately there was almost nothing to make the store stand out, and as a matter-of-fact, looking for the store itself, I ended up driving by it twice before I could locate it.