ENT 4410 Technical Direction Spring 2018

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  • 1/29/18 Class#1 Problem solving, Guidelines, Mission Statement
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    Key method of problem solving
    1 Define problem
    2 What you know
    3 What you need to know
    4 Make a plan
    5 Execute plan (repeat and go back to step one if necessary)

    Problem is what you want and what you have don’t match
    To solve a problem you either change what you have or change what you want (like a equation)

    Guidelines for the semester
    -Don’t be afraid to hold each other accountable for their role in the group
    -strive to work on tasks once assigned and to complete tasks on time if possible
    -Communicate goals/Expectation (so team members will be on the same page)
    -Share workload (responsibility)
    -Establish a way of communicating outside of classroom
    -Have recaps
    -longterm solutions to frequent problem
    -Take notes on any issues to discuss in class for comment that may help
    -Be open minded to other peoples ideas
    -Emergency contact info

    ENT4410 mission statement motto

    “We hold paramount the practice of safety, clear communication, and professionalism in order to obtain success”

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