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Summary of poem
The poet is saying it is important to slow down and reflect on the meaning and significance of life around you. If we are always hurrying to get to our next appointment or make more money, we will miss the unforgettable experiences in life such as children playing (even our own) or watching a rainstorm or a butterfly or a sunset. I have heard that people don't really listen to other people; most of their time is thinking about what they want to say next. People often go to bed and instead of meditating or reflecting, they think of all the things they need to do the next day. Sometimes parents say to children, "I don't have time to help you now; but tomorrow I will." And then tomorrow never comes. Sometimes you might even get an idea to call a friend, but if you think, "Oh, they're all right" and never talk to them, years can go by without keeping up with friendships. So David Weatherford is saying it's important to pay attention to what seems like small things and small pleasures, as if life were a slow dance sometimes.

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