English work

5 Rhetorical Situations:

  1. Purpose

The purpose of this poem was to introduce the idea that peace can be found anytime and everywhere. The text speaks the four universal directions on a compass and stages of the sleep cycle.


  1. Audience

The audience would be known, because the audience will be able to understand the basic meaning of this poem. Sleep and peace are universal themes.


  1. Stance

The stance for this poem is advocating reflections in peace. It speaks of slumber, dreams, sleep, emptiness, wakefulness and rising up. It is similar to dealing with any situation, where being able to understand what are you dealing with, reflecting upon it and being able to know how to use that as an experience can help nurture your growth mindset. This is supported by the last two lines “and out, rising up/to the stars, peace” (6-7).


  1. Genre

The genre would be poetry.


  1. Medium

The medium would be ink and paper (subway in 2012). It is also in electronic format.