English D323

I remember going to amusement parks and having no care in the world.

I remember seeing the world in a whole new light after losing my innocence.

I remember being the center of attention.

I remember blankly staring at the walls when I received a time-out for my bad behaviors.

I remember my many tantrums I threw.

I remembering shattering glass to feel at ease.

I remember being the object of blame.

I remember staring blankly and not remembering a thing.

I remember feeling suffocated from conventional familial love and support.

I remember being outcasted.

I remember the feeling of being all alone.

I remember having the need to starve myself for some form of satisfaction.

I remember feeling faint when I don’t have the energy to make it through the day.

I remember the feeling of every cut and scar on my body.

I remember being stabbed by a classmate.

I remember the need to fit in.

I remember listening to the painful stories of my peers.

I remember feeling normal.

I remember exaggerating on my “rough” past.