English D323

The short story was mainly about Junnot Diaz and his living conditions in the Dominican Republic. He lived a poor life with his family and everyone in the family  knew where the mother kept the money. Although everyone knew where she kept the money, no one dared to touch it because they were already living a hard life. Taking the money would just cause the situation to worsen. One day, the mother walked into her home to find it burglarized. As the main character explained his situation to his peers, they made guilty eye contact to one another to raise the narrator’s suspicion. He referred to this term as “Raskolnikov” which is used as a reference of the main character from the novel, Crime and Punishment. In that series, the main character was overwhelmed by guilt after an act of murder and turns himself into the police only to be exiled. And so, the main character plotted and robbed his alleged friend to return the money back to his mother.