English D323

The Essay starts off a brief introduction on music produced in the Bronx. The writer gives his interpretations of famous artists that originated from the south of Bronx and their struggles that lead to their songs. He followed this brief introduction to announce that his studies is to further inform the readers about “The Bronx African American History Project” which was a long project he worked on with several universities and groups. How he conducted his research was basically interviewing African Americans about their lives they lived in the 1900s. The writer, Mark Naison, also gave his personal opinion on such matters such as housing. He described public housing to be a “symbol of hope”. Naison stated, that when a community is well-funded by the government, it leads into a domino effect into the children’s education and success in school. There were also brief cases where he would talk about his past experiences about moving into the Bronx and the lifestyle he and his family had lived. Overall, this essay that Mark Naison wrote about is the Bronx community coming together to further the community by addressing obstacles such as education in the narrator’s perspective as well as some interviewees.