English 1121 Journey

1. Hello. My name is Ashley Criollo.
2. My major is Hospitality Management.
3. This is my freshman year of college.
4. I was born in Brooklyn New York but my nationality is Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian.
5. I went to many schools throughout my life but I only ever stood my whole four years in Lyons Community School high school.
6. I love seafood and more specifically shrimp, fish, and crabs.
7. I like all types of music.
8. My first language is English and my second language is Spanish. I’ve been learning to speak American Sigh Language as well.
9. My background in English is very weird. I never really liked reading until this one time in my senior year in high school. I’ve read about seven books and that’s the most I’ve ever read in one year. I do love writing. I can free write all day. My mom tried to punish me when I was younger to write my whole notebook over to the other new notebook because it was completely sloppy, and instead of it being a punishment I enjoyed it.
10. My goal from English 1121 is to get better at my writing and develop my vocabulary to be stronger.

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