English 1121 Journey

  1. Littering is harming our environment by causing animals to die
  2. Garbage is founded in the middle of the water because people throw it into the ocean.
  3. Plastic waste is the most disgraceful thing founded in the oceans and in animals
  4. Chemical waste that was accidently poured into the waters in 2011
  5. Gas stations making it easier to pollute the air
  6. All the factories cause pollution as well
  7. Everything is starting to be electric but whatever is electric is too expensive making it impossible for the majority to buy those cars
  8. There aren’t that many garbage cans and recycle cans in the streets
  9. There is a new machine that cleans the water like a vacuum but it cant clean the whole oceans it will take time but by then the part that was cleaned might just get dirty again.
  10. People learn about pollution in schools but schools don’t make the effort to really help kids stop littering.