English 1101 – Making Better Writing

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English 1101 – Making Better Writing
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Fall 2013
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English 1101 – Composition I (a.k.a. Making Better Writing) uses a variety of texts written by scholars, intellectuals, students, bloggers, as well as our own class discussions to prepare you for frequent and extensive writing, both formal and informal.

You will work intensively to develop the perspectives, practices, and skills necessary to produce better writing under any set of circumstances. You will learn how to develop and frame your texts, how to conduct inquiry in support of your writing, and how to use rhetoric and argument to synthesize ideas for an audience.

You will write as a means of enacting the lessons, reflecting on the concepts, and responding to the problems we encounter as a class. By the end of this course, you must be able to research, organize, write, revise, and present texts that are clearly written with original and critical ideas.


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