Backward Reflection

As my first language is Spanish, writing in my own language hasn’t been so

challenging. Since I was in high school or even before, Spanish has been

one of my best grade subjects, although I must confess, I’m not a big fan of it.

At school, I had the best Spanish teacher. He was a good writer and owned

several novels and books, his classes were all about poetry, essays and

literature, but even though I learned a lot with him about how to write

properly, I struggled a bit with my essays due to my lack of reading. I never

liked to read that much, and this affected my vocabulary and choice of


I was fifteen years old when I first started learning English; like any new

language, it comes with its own challenges. The writing was difficult for two

reasons. First, it was a completely new vocabulary; sentences were

meaningless since I could not make logical connections between

words. Secondly, I could not express myself the way I wanted due to my

small repertoire of words. I had to depend on a dictionary, translating

between Spanish and English, trying somehow to make sense of words and

their meaning.

Grammatically I also had problems using verbs in their different tenses; it took

time to memorize them and learn how to apply them correctly. Phrasal verbs

were another big topic for me; combining two or three words from

different grammatical categories makes these difficult to interpret. For

example, “Cut it out!” It cannot be understood based on the meaning of its

individual parts alone. Instead, it should be taken as a whole. It would sound

like the instruction being asked is to grab a scissor; however, it just means to

stop whatever you are doing. These grammar compositions give verbs a

completely different meaning which, in my opinion, it makes the road of

learning a little rough for starter learners like myself.

With all that and admitting that with time I progress in my writing, I never felt

like I was good as an English writer, I never dedicated myself completely to be

good enough for this, it was not something that I really needed, however,

moving to a different country where English is the mother tongue and dare

me to start a career in college made me realized how fundamental it is to

improve my English in all its categories.

At the beginning of this text, I didn’t expect to consider what I’m about to say,

“I have to establish a plan to develop my writing skills” because this could

benefit my career and self-improvement. For that, I think the first I need is

discipline and willingness to learn, then start a plan based on writing

regularly and be my own editor, being tough to myself to upgrade

my writes; read more and go for challenging materials that I usually wouldn’t

read, it is proved that reading develop your writing skills when you pay

attention to vocabulary and sentence structure; also, transcribe text from

others writers to practice and see how the material flows. With this plan

I hope that my overall writing and communication skills improve to a level in

which I can fully portray my thoughts and emotions.

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