ENG2720 Writing with New Media, SP2016

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ENG2720 Writing with New Media, SP2016
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Spring 2016
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In our “Writing with New Media” class, we will define what we mean by the term “new media,” learn a shared terminology for understanding new media, create deliverables with new media individually and collaboratively, and establish the foundation of your professional and technical writing online presence. More specifically, you will:
• Experiment with new media communication technologies and articulate how they relate to traditional media technologies;
• Develop literacies for reading, evaluating, and creating new media communications;
• Collaborate and share your new media compositions within a supportive community of compositionists;
• Build heuristics to enable your dynamic transition to learning new media technologies as they emerge, and
• Integrate the composition process into your new media creation practices (drafting, revising, and reflection).


This course was created by: Jason W. Ellis

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