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    A young girl in burgundy beret sits at the pizza shop. A burgundy skirt and jacket set accompany the beret with a black top underneath. A black bow on the edge of her beret gives her a “cute” look. Her pizza finished with only the crust left. She never looks up from the phone settled in her lap. Is she reading? Texting? Doom scrolling? She shifts to rest her head on her left hand. Still never looking up. Her right hand never stops moving even as I leave the pizza shop.


    Jennifer Sears

    ZhiYang Chong

    It was a cold and sunny day, I rushed to the bus stop and waited for the bus coming for my part time jobs. After a while, there was a middle aged woman with a long dark down jacket and wearing a bright purple velvet hat standing beside me. When the bus was almost in 2 minutes, the lady suddenly talked to me. “Excuse me, is this bus will go to D train station?” .“Yes Madam, it will go to D train station in the next 5 stops.” I replied. The way she talks and the smile on her face makes me feel so kind and warm. It’s just like talking with my grandmother. The most important thing was her accent, just exactly like from my hometown.

    After some struggling in my mind, I was brave enough to ask her. “I have a question, madam, which country are you from?” She chuckled and told me “I was from Malaysia.”At that moment, I felt so surprised and excited, “I’m from Malaysia too ! Aunty !” In Malaysia, we call the elderly women “Aunty” because it’s feel more kind. After I told her where I was from, she made the same face with me and was surprised.

    At the same time, we all get on the bus. After some talks I know she was from Selangor which is the state near to the capital city in Malaysia and she came here with her sister. Her child was working in other states and barely came back with her. She was going to meet her sister by transferring to the D train. After a moment, she was arriving at her stops, before she left she wished me all the best in my education and future life. When she stepped off the bus, I felt a little bit upset, because it made me feel like saying farewell to my relatives. I hope she is doing well and keeps healthy somewhere.

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