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  • Hip Hop Response Poems
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    Jennifer Sears

    Groups: please post your new poems here! Post the names of people in your group as well as the title of the original song.

    Thank you!


    Hesler Garcia

    Original Song: Fake Love -Drake


    False Hearted

    God was starring down at me.

    I ruled the world.

    Two faces that multiply everywhere I turn

    But I look down on them

    I look down.

    I walk the lonely road

    I just stare and continue.

    The double face stare up.

    I can feel your breath

    I can feel my death


    Members: Hesler Garcia, Selina Myrtil, Amged Shams



    Title: NYC, City of Dreams

    It’s going to be hard living in the city,

    expensive and not pretty,

    But, it is good to be here,

    This city is our home, tryna be sincere,

    How did we make it?

    I gave the city my most valuable things cause

    if I make it in the city, I can make it anywhere,

    Like I said, it is going to be hard,

    Very expensive too, don’t disregard,

    It is easy to get lost here in NYC

    – Ayman, Afia and Christine, Original Song: City of Gods by Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Fivio Foreign

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    Emma Piasio

    Folgers Crystals
    Title- Unified Rebellion

    We are ready to change the scene

    Honestly it’s time for peace in these filthy streets

    Rebellion as a last strike

    Peace love and unity for all types

    by- Emma, Edward, Ayesha




    The Past 

    Imagine where id be if I had one

    you won’t get to fool me again.

    imagine a love who won’t deceive me

    I’ve let you fool me again.

    I long to go back to the better me

    but I don’t wanna be saved.


    – Oussmane Diallo, Eshal Akhter, David Gao, Sophia Middleton


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