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  • WEEK OF FEBRUARY 8: Citizenship & Voting
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    What comes to mind about American citizens, is basically a guy that was born in the United States has papers/passport to United States, and there their whole family been a american has the right to all privilege from the United States. Others who are not citizens or residents have few rights even leaving in the United State for a long time learning the way the country is. For the person that was born in the United States was given more rights when they were born here over the people from another country. Then people who don’t have citizenship pay taxes and bills to live here should have the right to vote just as the person that was born in the United State. But there are people that are from another country are limited to what they can do in the United States because of the type of papers they have, so it should be equal to all humans living in the United States.


    James Guity

    Chaise, that’s a great point that you have and there shouldn’t be a life long wait just be considered a success in the USA. But, i don’t think it should be immediately made easier for people to become citizens. to me, being a citizen is way more than just being able to live in America. being a citizen opens the door fora lot opportunities. Unfortunately, that desire is east to exploit, the process creates revenue and people want to make money out of it.



    When they say the word citizen a regular person comes to mind. A person of any color or any race. I do think that people with residency should be able to vote at a local level because their opinions matter to. The people with citizenship has all the rights to vote and not all of them do. Their votes do count to the ones you can’t vote. It is extremely hard to get American residency or citizenship because you can’t just out of the blue apply for it. You need a lot in order to get approved for their papers. Its also very expensive to apply for your papers aside from lawyer fees. We all come to America for a betterment, and a better life. If we all pay taxes and support the government then we should be able to vote. The old saying ‘taxation without representation’ comes back into play.


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    JieRu Lin

    The first thing that comes to mind when talking American citizen is freedom, I personally believe that American citizen is the definition of freedom. Being an American means that you are able to have your own ideas and beliefs, and you are able to express them. This means that you have the right to vote what you want, and you have to freedom to be who you are. Comparing to the American citizen, the non-American citizen have fewer rights or freedom, for example, they don’t have the right to vote, which is the right to speak out. I feel very disappointed about this, I believe that everyone in the U.S. should have should to equal, because they are all paying taxes for this country like every other American citizen do, and they should have a saying in their communities, their thoughts and ideas.


    Ulices Miranda

    When I think about obtaining citizenship and the ability to vote(enfranchisement), I think of what I might do with it.
    For the first time ever, I can rally behind a certain candidate, vote for something that might help out my community, or vote down something the local,state, or federal government might impose to unfair regulations.
    I think about situations where I can make a difference, where I am using my “privileges” of a citizen for a greater good.
    However, it’s not that simple. The path to citizenship is difficult and not a sure one. My aspiration to vote will have to wait for when it is my time.

    But, having non-citizens voting at local elections is not a far-fetched idea. It should be encouraged, its pros and cons should be evaluated, and it be given serious thought. With non-citizens already paying taxes and providing positive input into a city (NYC), it would be only logical to allow them to vote on a local level.

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