ENG1121, Section D421: English Composition, SP2016

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    avril padilla

    Avril Padilla

                        I don’t have much memory of myself when it comes to writing.  The only thing that I can remember when it comes to writing was getting good grades.  I am not really sure why that is.   The one thing that has stayed with me is my love for reading books, fiction preferably.  

                         I really don’t like writing at all.  I am not sure if it is structuring sentences, the grammar or spelling.  I don’t like putting my thoughts into words on paper.  It takes a lot of time to put one’s thoughts down and formally structure it into written word.  

                          The one thing that is fun about writing is getting to use one’s imagination.  For me, I am not that creative.  I am very shy when it comes to my thoughts and letting others know what’s in my mind.  I guess I need to keep practicing on getting my creativity out and putting pen to paper.  


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