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  • WEEK OF FEBRUARY 1: On Politics
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    I am not into politics and government but I do know that there are 3 branches of government that works together. Congress is the law makers so they are the ones who are running the government. This year is an election year. Bernie Sanders seems to be the guy that everyone in the middle class loves while Donald Trump is the one who is hated by pretty much everybody. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. I don’t see what I will get out of standing on long lines just to drop my opinion in a box. The question that I have is do our votes really make a difference ? if so, in what ways. There are so many things I don’t understand about elections, such as the states votes, the electoral college. I would love to know more about those and their significance. At the end of the day, many politicians are liars. In their rhetoric they appeal to pathos, meaning they attack issues that they know you care about and attempt to touch your heart through a promise just to get a vote , once they are in office, that’s when the excuses come in.



    I thought we we’re supposed to post on this for the first week, sorry that it’s late.
    Politic is something I grew up with, my grandfather was a politician so it runs in my blood. Growing up with politics made me hate it because it’s everywhere. I’ve hated politics because there is always 2 sides to a story and it can lead to arguments. I know the basics of politics, like there is 2 main political parties, there is 3 branches of the government, the president can veto laws, congress pass the laws. The 2 major parties are the democrats and the representatives. The 3 major candidates at the moment are Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. They are all hated and supported by different views of people. I would like to understand why anyone can run for election because it makes no sense. There is only a certain amount of things one person can do, and people often blame the president for not doing and solving every issue. We live in a world where everything is based on politics so I’m going to have to endure it. I think Hilary Clinton should win because it’s time we’ve had our first female president. The country I was born in, elected their first female prime minister and she helped and bettered the country significantly.

    -Vanita P.

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    avril padilla

    Which branch of the government is the country being governed by.



    I am not a politics person and I’m not interested in politics or government. Politics was never something I grew up liking. There’s always an issue that comes with two different sides of the story to it. I do know the basics of the three branches of government and how they work. I also know that the main candidates running right now are Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Each candidate is supported or disliked based on the way people view them. Each one of them will propose something that would get people’s attention to get a vote. It just depends who would solve the issue better. But after all these votes, does it really matter? We can’t really change anything that’s already an issue. They’re only voting for the person but does it change anything? These candidates will only say things that you want to hear, but when they’re in the office, things change.

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