ENG1121, D492, Spring 2016

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  • What does it mean to be an "American"
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    Usman Ashraf

    What does it really mean to be an American? This is a question that every american must ask themselves. For me it simply means sharing the pride for our wonderful characteristics, our ethical and moral values that represent us around the world.
    There is one more thing that comes as a carriage with all the wonderful things that is the burden of the wrongs that most Americans don’t realize is being done. As a nation we believe in American exceptionalism, we think we are different and exempted from any kind of accountability. The truth is just a fact that we just happened to be born here that doesn’t make us any superior from anyone else around the world. We hold the same human rights as others, the people around the world are not any less human. We are all born with the dignity and we deserve the same. The creation of our nation was the result of a heinous crime that we should not be proud of and we should all be ready to share the burden of the wrong we commit as a nation.

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