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    Carlos Castro

    In the Dominican Republic it is common to be raised under heavy superstition. As a child you don’t know any better and believe what you are told whole heartedly. I was not born in the dominican republic but my mother was this is a story I got from her. Prominent among the stories they were told as children are monsters coming to get you, now that in and of itself sounds ordinary but this is where the story takes a turn. For some brief context Dominican republic is a poor island country,as a result not many people can afford round the clock electricity so it was common for it to just suddenly go out of power. Now with that information dealt with here is the beginning. My mother had an aunt who she didn’t know at the time but whenever the power would go out my mother’s aunt would put on a white sheet, yes like a ghost and run around outside in the back yard. doesn’t sound so bad to the impartial spectator but from the perspective of the little indoctrinated girl that was my mother at the time, she believed this to be real and was very scared. Without missing a beat when power would return the aunt covered in bed sheet would run out of sight take off the sheet and head back inside house like nothing happened and denying that there was anything outside with a straight face. being lied to as a child is not something that you usually know about so my mother took aunts word at the time and was left more scared because she saw something no one else appeared to see. of course eventually years after my mother came to learn that this aunt would regularly play “pranks” on family members a lot and be pretty childish despite her age. My mother knows this was the aunt now because eventually other people in family have corroborated that this was that aunt’s go to prank and she was pretty known for it. she took a big liking to scaring kids. the end.

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