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African American Studies, English
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ENG 092R is the upper-level course in reading and critical thinking skills focusing on improving reading comprehension to meet the demands of college level reading requirements. We will be reviewing vocabulary in context, main ideas, supporting details, various patterns of organization, making logical inferences, demonstrating reading comprehension in writing, and drawing reasonable conclusions. We will also work on effective strategies for approaching readings from across the curriculum, assignments, and other helpful study skills. In this Fall 2014 Course, we will be approaching the above through partnership in a Learning Community with Professor Mundeke in the African American Studies Department. Hence, we will explore vocabulary development, identification of context clues, develop critical thinking skills and extracting main ideas (stated and implied) as well inferred meaning from critical reading and analysis of stories with such themes as gender inequality, social acceptance, social justice, crime and punishment, moral lessons, cultural bias and societal values contained in African Folklore..

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