ENG 2757 – Technical Writing, Summer 2019

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ENG 2757 - Technical Writing, Summer 2019
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ENG 2575
Semester / Year
Summer 2019
Course Description

English 2575, Technical Writing, will provide you with the opportunity to improve your
ability to compose documents based on technical information through applied study and critique. You will develop the knowledge, skills, and processes necessary to compose these documents under constraints typically found in the workplace. You will be evaluated throughout the process of researching, organizing, writing, revising, and presenting your documents.

In this course, you will begin to develop the concepts and language necessary to approach document design problems from a technical writing perspective. The use of visual aids and graphic illustrations is introduced, along with audience analysis, problem-solving, and an awareness of the role that technical writing plays in project development. Types of technical genres that you will analyze or compose may include, but will not limited to: summarizations, definitions, processes, visualizations, researched texts, oral presentations, and informal documents.

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