ENG 2400

The Metamorphosis reading by Franz Kafka is about a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa who transformed into a “horrible vermin” according to the author. The author explains that Gregor wasn’t fond of his job but continued to work to pay his parents debt off. Gregor’s family wasn’t connected to him which was strange since, he sacrificed his happiness to help his parents. His sister appears to be the only character that cares somewhat about him but, eventually throughout the story that fades. The family can’t cope with Gregors transformation and is relieved when he dies. Which seems to be more of a relief for Gregor since, he was dead on the inside already.

The Movie, The Fly has the main character Seth Brundle a scientist whose experiments with a teleport takes an unexpected turn for the worst. Seth meets a women name Victoria, at an event and he expresses his ideas and invention. At the beginning Victoria downplays Seth’s ideas but, then takes an interest in it when she realizes the fame that can come along. Seth’s becomes strongly in love with Victoria that causes him to drink uncontrollably which, causes his thinking to become distorted. He decides to teleport himself without Victorias presents. While teleporting himself he teleported a fly which mixed his DNA and Seth’s becomes a fly. Seth’s becomes violent from experimenting on himself so much. Victoria confesses to Seth that she is carry his child and want nothing to do with him because of his behavior. Eventually Seth’s asked Victoria to kill him since he has become so out of control and she granted his wishes.

The Fly and The metamorphosis are both about two people transforming into insects and having a hard time adjusting. Once they are transformed the people around them change as well. The people around them become truly unattached. Both the reading and movie ends with the main characters not alive. Gregor’s parents explained to Gregor that he is a burden and they can’t adjust to his appearance. Him dying seem to have no effect on them. Victoria didn’t want to kill the man she was in love with and the father of her child.

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