ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020

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    Jason Liu

    There are days that I remember where I’m able to go outside with my friends, have fun, enjoy the weather, and share thoughts with each other. But now, because of the pandemic, we can hardly see each other. Instead we’re either talking through chat messages, or voice calling on Discord, which is similar to Skype.

    The days that I remember very often are the ones that I stay up late with my friends and talk to them about life. It might be different for everyone else, but for me I think the concept of life is hard to understand. I find myself constantly thinking about life before I go to sleep. What will happen tomorrow, what about 5 years from now, what can I do to improve myself, are some of many questions that I think about before sleeping. Sometimes, my friends and I would stay up late at night to just have these conversations. And I think it’s hard for some of us to say what’s on our mind. We’re too scared of what others might think and judge us. But I would much rather let someone know about how I feel, and have them laugh at me, than to never tell anyone and bottle my emotions up. If I were to choose a color for this description, I would say black. Because whenever I close my eyes and try to fall asleep, all I can really picture is pitch black and I’m constantly thinking about these questions. And for me, I think the “implacable I” can be related here because it is my point of view of how I am trying to understand the meaning of life as everyday passes.



    It was an exciting Monday morning. My family and I were going home after having a nice mini vacation. I woke up at 7 am and felt great. It was sunny and cold. I remember alarms going off and everyone waking up. The general course of events yesterday were making sure that we do not forget any of our things in the hotel and that we get home safely. I remember my mom asking, “Is everyone ready?” right before we leave. It was a long drive with multiple stops to take breaks and eat.

    This relates to the “implacable I” by Joan Didion by writing my unique perspective of the day. My own point of view of how the events occurred, what I felt and remembered. After reading my work to my sister, she basically agreed that our Monday’s general events occurred that way.



    My day begins at 6 p.m., I sleep late, and my schedule has become confusing since the outbreak. Every day feels like nothing to do. Just like today, I woke up at half-past seven as usual and made my own food. Now my daily life is a trivial life with my girlfriend. After getting up today, we decided to clean the house. We have nothing to do at home every day. On the contrary, cleaning together today gives me a novel feeling. Before, we would not do cleaning, because my girlfriend would regularly ask the cleaner to clean the house. At this time I can imagine the color may be red because the ordinary can not in the ordinary cleaning to my boring life has brought a novelty, just as red is enchanting.
    After a series of tedious things were done, I looked at the computer screen in a daze, because I had a lot of homework to do and I didn’t know how to finish it. My girlfriend went to bed early after taking a shower, and I got up very late so I was not sleepy at all. The empty room left me in a daze. This time gives me the feeling that black is around me. Every day…


    Oscar Ramirez

    From what I can recall from yesterdays events, that day being Sunday, me and a couple of family members went to a river to hangout and have a cookout. The scene was like it was movie quality the sight of seeing family together having a meal surrounded by nothing but trees and a river with a beautiful waterfall serenading us with its water that is always running so smoothly. But the moment I can recall the most is when me and a couple of my buddies took some chairs, our cooler fill with drinks and walked to into the water about ankle deep and just place the chairs down, just sat there in the river dipped our feet in the water and have the current pass by us while we drink our beverages and listen to music.

    The feeling the area and that specific moment gave of was just as the youth say now a days “Giving off a chill vibe” meaning that being there was very peaceful and relaxing. I took a moment to admire the moment, I looked up to the sky as I saw the bright yellow-orange sunlight at its peek hitting through the leaves of a bright green tree that I sat under, I looked back down to notice the blue crystal clear water surrounding me as I sat behind the water fall as it was giving off a cool breeze on that warm afternoon. It was one of the coolest moment I experience just being in nature was amazing. For how this relates to Joan Didion “Implacable I” is that the event I just recorded and wrote out is from the perspective and memory of, Me. While someone else can have been there with me I have experience something way different compare to them, from what I observed around me to what I felt in that moment.


    Serena Ngai

    Like any other Sundays that I have been through, I always sleep in the early afternoons. Even when I happen to wake up early I still stay in my bed then read on my phone while listening to music. As I lay on my bed, I can see streaks of sunlight pouring in through my window, showing that the sun has already risen. I could hear my parents already awoken and making breakfast as well as my brother still asleep in his room. Even then though, I never get up until they call me because once I do, they would make me do chores and that is something a lazy person like me definitely would avoid.
    I like to read because its good entertainment, as well as a way for me to pass time. I always feel happy when I am reading but also would show different emotions depending on the scenes I’m in.
    This relates to the “impeccable I” because I’m narrating my Sunday morning through my perspective.



    My childhood was filled with several joyful memories such as going to bathe in the river, playing marbles and gigs, learning to climb trees, but the one that resonates with me the most is, “Mango Season.” Growing up in the Island of Jamaica was nostalgic yet an insanely beautiful experience with sweet cherished memories which has permeated my psyche. The peak of mango time is in the hotter summer months from April throughout June. The season brings immeasurable opportunities to indulge in this exotic fruit. The variety is huge. My favorites included: The East Indian, Julie, and black mangoes just to name a few. When this cycle came around kids and adults alike preferred to indulge in harvesting and consumption of this delicate fruit rather than regularly cooked meals. As the saying goes, “in mango season you turn down your pots.” This means that cooking a meal is placed on hold for the most part to feast without ceasing.
    Sweet nectar, dripping down the curled corners of my mouth as I tried anxiously to control the flow as my molars gripped, trying desperately not to allow any of this tropical meat to escape. My palate is unquenched as I take numerous bites into the exotic flesh of the fruit devouring it , one mango, two mangoes three mangoes, four….I counted as I carefully selected the firm ones, free of blemish and spots.
    I can recall countless times when my cousins Craig a tall, robust nine (9) year old boy and, his older sister Andrea who was a chubby twelve years old (12) and five years my senior would play together with me. I was of minute stature, and with bright eyes that lit up like a Christmas tree whenever I became excited. I was introduced to a game called, “stoning mangoes,” which involved identifying a ripe mango on the tree that you wanted to eat instead on the many already on the ground. In this game you had to gather stones and take turns to aim and throw it towards the mango in the tree until it became dislodged. With stones in tow we each began taking turns to hurl stones. Craig’s stone was the first to make a connect and dislocated the mango from the stem as we watched in awe. The ripened fruit was dislocated from the stem and came tumbling to the ground fully covered in mango leaves. Our screams and shouts erupted with laughter like a volcanic reaction. Not only was I enjoying these exotic fruits but also competing with my cousins. Life was good. Oh, how I was in mango heaven. These memories are priceless as I had truckloads of fun and bonded with my cousins. Today I still crave this delicacy and indulge as much as my palate allows.

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