ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020


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  • Participation Activity, Session 22: Writing the Educational Autobiography
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    -experiences that led you to choose your specific major

    I hated coding. It truly was the thing that kept me up at night, looking down at me like a predator starting down at it’s prey. I loved software, games, programs. I dreamed of making my own stuff, and had so many ideas of what I wanted to make, and how I wanted to make it. Unfortunately, the only thing keeping me from going any farther was coding. Whenever I looked at code, it was like an long lost, ancient foreign language to me. I would never learn it. Every time I had attempted to learn about coding, it got me angry, and I instead turned my attention to trying to make things without coding.

    Doing this, I learned the hard way that you needed to code. It simply was not possible to make what I wanted without having programming knowledge. I decided from that point that I wanted to code, and if I wanted to code, I would have to learn. Learning would have to take patience, and willpower in order to know what I wanted to know. I began by learning Python, which seemed like an easy enough language. This eventually led to me learning C++, HTML, and currently, LUA, which I use to make my own 2D games. I am now majoring in Computer Science for an Associates and Bachelors Degree.



    1. experiences with family expectations for attending school and/or graduating

    In europe i messed up 2 years of college doing software engineering because of family problems. And then my mum offered me to come to new york because i have family here, and i accepted it. I went to a private school and did automotive in manhattan and had 4.0 GPA but the school went bankrupt. Then i ended up coming to citytech and changed my mayor.
    From automotive to environmental control. My parents were not understanding and just wanted me to graduate no matter what. So at citytech i kept studying and kept having 4.0 GPA but didn’t get scholarship because i wasn’t a American citizen and kept having to pay twice as much as my co students which was crazy because the private school was more chill and they were able to give me discount of the school fee because of my perfect grades.
    It sucks but im almost graduating so my parents will be happy.


    Ray-Ana W.

    6. experiences that led you to choose your specific major

    When I was applying for this college I had no idea what major I wanted. I researched the majors but I was still confused and as a result I choose randomly. However, I only did this because I knew that a major could be changed at any point. In the end I first choose hospitality management but I did not end up keeping this major. When I got to college and was choosing my class I asked for advice on my major from the advisor I was assigned. She asked me some questions about what I wanted to do. Honestly, at this point I knew on a broad sense what I wanted to do, which entailed becoming a doctor
    At this point what kind I was still debating on what kind of doctor I wanted to become especially since there are so many kind and almost all sound interesting. To help with this my advisor recommended me to major in liberal arts in the science which would aid me as I refine and determine my career path. Moreover, I enjoy science as I gain knowledge about new things. Moreover, this major is one of the ASAP course that set me up to learn, discover, and grow in my major.

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