ENG 1141: Intro to Creative Writing, Fall 2020


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    Ray-Ana W.

    I think being awake means to actually take notice and u=try to understand the different things around you. The door being wide and open I believe is trying to portray that it is available and wide enough that many people can have access. Unlike other shapes, it does not have an exact start and finish point it is free and makes me feel less restricted. In all honestly, I may like my life half asleep. I mean sometimes I am really oblivious to things going on around me. Even so, there are times when I feel I can see everything in my perspective for what I think it is. This relates to creativity because it helps to understand the broad or narrow scope our creative ideas can go. Instead of being looking at a bird locked in a cage, we can see it soaring in the open sky.

    In my opinion, I have never necessarily associated with creative or artistic people with the word dark or tortured. I have seen them as people who perspective on different things a revolutionary and bring about a change or inspiration to others. However, I do agree that the pressure of this can be too heavy a burden to carry for one person. This could be the reason that they might have a breakdown and then be associated as dark and tortured.

    I think writing is a way to push your ideas or perspective onto other people. Writing is in my life daily when it comes to reading what people write or even doing assignments for classes. Putting yourself out there in your writing is something I don’t find frightful because when I read I do like to get a little background on the author. It makes me wonder how and what kind of process they.

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