ENG 1121 D476 Fall 2019

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  • Due by 10/15 by 5PM: Annotated Bibliography
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    1) Einarsen, Ståle. (1999). The nature and causes of bullying at work. International Journal of Manpower – INT J MANPOWER. 20. 16-27. 10.1108/01437729910268588

    In this source, the University of Bergen did a research on the harassment’s that would happen in the work environment. And how they are 5 different types of harassment’s that would occur in work, such as name calling, scapegoating, physical abuse, work pressure, and sexual harassment’s. As i read this article it explains how when people who have seniority over others they tent to mistreat them, they become victims of bullying. This source talks about what are different kind of factors to why people with seniority take it out on others. It also talks about why there is bullying at work.

    2) MATHISEN, G. E., EINARSEN, S. and MYKLETUN, R. (2008), The occurrences and correlates of bullying and harassment in the restaurant sector. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 49: 59-68. doi:10.1111/j.1467-9450.2007.00602.x

    This article is similar to the last article in where it talks about the bullying and the harassment’s that occur in restaurant. And the thing is that people don’t see it happening because the clients only come for is for there food. This article talks about how people thing its okay for restaurant employees to accept the mistreatment that happens in the kitchen. And its crazy because people believe that bullying and harassment’s is a natural thing that happens in the kitchen. And yeah it happens but its something that shouldn’t happen because we are all people and we should treat other how we would like to be treated and bullying one another is not something that should be happening in the kitchen of restaurants. And this source talks about how its not only happening in america its happening all around the world. Its crazy but think about it as a pyramid because you have the people on the top who are the ones that do the harassing or the bullying to the people that are lower then them.

    3) “New App Rates Restaurants on How They Treat Their Employees.” The Klein Law Group, P.C., https://www.thekleinlawgroup.com/Employment-Law/Wage-Theft-Claims/Does-this-restaurant-treat-it-workers-well-There-s-now-an-app-for-that.shtml.

    This article caught my interest because it talks about an application on smartphones that focuses on the well being on restaurant workers. its an application that talk about how workers are treated so when you have people that are applying for work they can apply to a restaurant knowing they are going to be treated right. And its also an application to inform the people where to eat and not to eat.

    4) Madera, Stefanie K. JohnsonJuan M. “Sexual Harassment Is Pervasive in the Restaurant Industry. Here’s What Needs to Change.” Harvard Business Review, 7 Mar. 2018, https://hbr.org/2018/01/sexual-harassment-is-pervasive-in-the-restaurant-industry-heres-what-needs-to-change.

    In this article it talks about how the United States have the highest sexual harassment’s filed in the restaurant industry. And it explains how 90% of women and 70% of men experience some kind of harassment or sexual harassment in the restaurant industry. The article gives a great explanation on why female are targeted more then men. And how workers get harassed from both ends in the kitchen and they can also be harassed when they are serving the guest. And towards the end of the article it talks about what restaurants can do to reduce harassment’s in the restaurant industry.

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