ENG 1101 English Composition I, section OL 0110

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    Prof. Masiello

    Right now there are no questions for you about the film. You are welcome to post any comments or questions about the movie to share with our class.


    Manahill Arshad

    Where is the movie? I don’t see any link for the money.

    It is in Files and an email axplained that. Also, Dropbox should have sent you a link. Are you checking your email account regularly?


    Tiffany O

    For anyone who needs the movie and has HBO Max, the movie is on there as well.

    Thanks for helping out your classmates, Tiffany. I always send students links to assigned films, so everyone in class should have that link by now. It is on the essay prompt in the Files folder of our Openlab site.

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