ENG 1101 English Composition I, section OL 0110

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  • Sept. 1 more class work on sentence types
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    Prof. Masiello

    TO DO read and post for A through D

    You may Google this:
    A) Please make and post a list of as many “prefixes” as you can find
    A prefix is a piece of a word that when added to a word creates a new one. For example, un- is a prefix. When you add it to a word like “forgettable” you get a new word: “unforgettable.”

    B) Please make a list of words you already know that begin with the “prefix” co-
    Compound sentences
    Explanation of sentence types:


    Conjunctions are simple words that allow you to connect two sentences without having to change any of the words in the original sentences:
    and, but, nor, or, so, yet, for Some teachers tell students to think of the acronym FANBOYS to help remember — for, and, nor, but, or, so
    Example: Maria created a résumé. She copied it on expensive, high-quality paper. Her prospective employer was not accepting resumés.

    Revision: Maria created a résumé, and she copied it on expensive, high-quality paper, but her prospective employer was not accepting résumés.

    You already did this next part, C
    C) Write five (5) original compound sentences and post your answers to A,B, and C.

    Please note, do not worry about “nor.” It is not going to help in this brief assignment.

    Also note that saying “Jack and Jill went up the hill” is only a simple sentence that has two subjects. A true compound sentence will have two complete thoughts that can be “cut into two”:

    “Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after.” This is a true compound sentence, because there are two complete halves. If you cover the word “and” you actually see two sentences.

    To Read and SAVE:
    This link is very useful and worth keeping (downloading and printing for easy access in a traditional paper notebook):

    TO DO
    Make sure, after reading the above information, that you know the differences between compound sentences and complex sentences.
    D) Write and post five original complex sentences, the ones that have one independent clause and one dependent clause.
    Ex. The students were happy because the class ended early.
    or Since the class ended early, the students were happy.


    Tiffany O

    A.) “de-” “non-” “co-” “en-” “ex” “em” “mid” “mis” “per” “sub” “mono” “para” “dis” “bi” “extra-” “uni” “post” “dis” inter” “re” “un” “pre”

    B.) country, co-pilot, cost, come, company, community, control, co-writer, co-star, cooperate, coordinate, and cosign. The bolded ones are just spelled with a co in the beginning. Prefixes are better shown when you can take them off words and still have a word, like “cosign” and co-pilot.

    C.) 1.) I saw a really nice pair of shoes, but I didn’t buy them.
    2.) I saw my friend on the street but they didn’t see me.
    3.) My mom sang and I covered my ears.
    4.) I’m allergic to cherries, yet I still eat them.
    5.) I spent all my money, so I can’t buy anymore books.

    Tiffany, your above five sentences correctly use co-ordinating conjuunctions, often called the FANBOYS words. The relationship bewteen the clauses or thought in all fiveis one of equal status, since both halves could stand independently.

    D.) 1.) Before I left school, and packed up, I handed in my work for the day.
    2.) While I was cooking my brothers were cleaning.
    3.) I never stutter or cry until I’m angry.
    4.) Although I want to go swimming, I can’t because I don’t have my swimwear.
    5.) If the stage collapses, the performers on stage will be injured.

    All of these are good, but number 2 needs an internal comma.


    Elin Louz

    A: anti, auto, circum, co, contra/contro , dis, de, en, ex, extra, non, post , pre, up.
    B: preoccupied , contradict, unsatisfied, disapprove, uneducated, extraordinary , non responsive, uphill , antihistamine .
    C: 1) I stayed up all night, so I was tired.
    2) Sarah was pushed In the pool so her clothes got wet.
    3) I had lunch, but I am still hungry.
    4) she is popular ,yet is very shy. Errors: capitalization and structure. After “yet” you need a subject to justify the comma.
    5) Michael sang and Bella danced.
    1) Whenever its cold out, I like to wear my fur coat.
    2) Although she was strong , she wasn’t athletic.
    3) because she was sick, she couldn’t go to school.
    4) while I enjoy baking, I prefer cooking.
    5) I want to call him, But I don’t have his number. You need subordinating words, not coordinating ones, like “but”

    Elin, you must always start a sentence with a capital letter. Numbers 1 through 4 are indeed complex sentences.


    Shane Osbourne

    A) Co, Pre, Ex, Con, Non, Auto, Sub, Un, in, Pro, Bi, Homo, post

    B) Cooperative, Automobile, Subtraction, Proactive, Condescending, Exploration, Homosexual, Inverted, Prefix, Uncomfortable, Unjust, Binomial.
    B2) co-operative, co-sign, co-pilot, co-worker, co-incidental, co-analyze, co-produce.

    franks went to work while, Tim went to school THESE 5 must use FANBOYS words, not “while”; comma is incorrect.
    John plays basketball as his girlfriend cheers for him. This one is complex, not compound.IT SHOULD BE IN D, below.
    Kevin drive to the mall and, he picked up his friends comma is incorrect: it goes BEFORE “and.”
    Kofi sat on a bench while, Conner played on the swings. THESE 5 must use FANBOYS words, not “while”; comma is incorrect.
    Gavin ran a 50 mile and, broke the school record. No. Without another subjectafter “and” you do not have two full thoughts–and your comma is in the wrong place.
    None of the above five is correct.
    Dj stayed up all night studying which, made him sleep through the whole test the following day. Comma is in the wrong place.
    Yamani did her makeup so, she can look good for school.
    Lebron trained his own life so, he can make it to the NBA
    Justin caused a scene to, gain popularity.
    None of these is correct: wrong conjunction types and incorrect commas. The one about Justin does not have two thoughts.

    When Ria gets angry, she tends to cry. Only this last one is correct all the way through.

    You do not seem to see the difference between compound and complex. You barely have any of the subordinatinf words you’d need like since, because, when, if, and many others.

    You should try again, Shane,


    Zacarah King

    A) Anti-, semi-, post-, pre-, re- pro-, co-, com-, con-, under-, over-, extra-, hyper-, mis-. Dis-, de-, ir-, inter-, im-, em-, fore-, un-, non-, Sur-, sub-, and auto-.
    Good, Zacarah, but none of them need capitals.
    B) Co-exist, co-branding, co-locate, copilot, co-relation, cohesive, co-efficient, co-founder, co-writer, co-director, co-sign, coordination, coherent, cohort, adherence, co-analyze, and cooperation.

    A simple sentence has one independent clause with no conjunctions and no dependent clauses. A compound sentence contains multiple independent clauses joined together by conjunctions, without dependent clauses. A complex sentence has one independent clause addition to a dependent clause, they are combined with conjunctions and subordinators. Complex compound sentences contain multiple independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. Both of these sentences have conjunction and subordinators.

    In the above explanation, please say “two or more” rather than “multiple” for better accuracy.

    C) 1. Chantel heard that softest music when I was shopping at Barnes and Noble yesterday, and it reminded her of the lullabies that she used to sing to her daughter. Did you mean “we were”?
    2. She walked from school late at night, so she made sure to walk under the bright street lights.
    3. I have been feeling really stressed, so I signed up for a spinning class on Fridays and a yoga class on Saturdays.
    4. I wanted to wear a pullover sweater, yet it was still summer and a scorching 80 degrees without clouds.
    5. I had just walked by and seen that new art studio on 34th avenue, but I didn’t get a chance to stop and browse because I was open on my way to class. omit the quote mark

    1. I had an evening class the day of my family gathering, and by the time I got there, they were about to start the balloon-releasing ceremony.
    2. She majored in computer science, yet she always wonders what her college experience would have been like if she majored in literature.
    3. Dunkin went to the 99 cent store after work for Clorox bleach, so that she could mop her floors in the morning when she woke up.
    4. If only Eliza had time to hang out with her friends, but she had to finish and submit a biology midterm paper.

    There is no manin clause here, so number 3 is a fragment.
    5. Every time I plan to go to Long Island for the weekend I like to leave while there I still daylight so that I don’t have to walk from Huntington train station when it is dark outside.

    Four of these are good but each one has three clauses. You can try to write complex sentences with just two clauses and omit the other clause that starts with a FANBOYS word.
    ex. Since it was a holiday, the college was closed. This has one dependent and one independent clause and is good enough for what was requested.



    A) ab-, ad-, ante-, anti-, be-, com-, contra-, counter-, de-, dia-, dis-, ex-, extra-, semi-, hyper-, hypo-, in-, infra-, inter-, ob-, out-, over- peri-

    B) cohost, copilot, hyperactive, designing, counterfeit, comparison, ex-husband, experience, overpriced, inter-fear wrong word/mispelling, outside, absent The best ones can have the prefixes removed and still have a word. These bolded ones may just be spelled that way. “abnormal” shows ab as a prefix.

    C) I stood up all night studying for my math exam, and now I am prepared for the test
    I just got paid 200$ from my job, I blew off my entire check on sneakers. no conjunction = comma splice error
    My daughter woke me up at 2 am, she didn’t go back to sleep till an hour laterno conjunction = comma splice error
    I found a cat in the street cold and dirty, eventually he warmed up to me where he trusts me more. no conjunction = comma splice error
    I sit on the bench watching my daughter play, little Ana enjoys the slide more than the monkey bars.no conjunction = comma splice error
    Viviana, only number one above is correct!

    D) When Jasmine study’s an hour before her exam, she always tends to pass
    Since the previews at the movies take 30 minutes, arriving later was the better choice
    Tiffany struggles with time management with school, so she ended up being blissfuly unaware of her biology quiz.
    When the car breaks down, I will create traffic on the high way.
    Studying makes me more educated, gives me an advantage to be prepared for any quiz or test that comes.

    Number 3 is a compound sentence using “so” and five is a comma-splice with no conjunction.
    Only the two with “When” are correct.

    You should try to show you understand the differences by rewriting the incorrect ones.


    Tahreem Imran

    A:- dis-, pre-, auto-, un-, non-, pro-, mis-, anti-, in-, co-, under-, Im-, post-, ir-, over-.

    B:- Disrespectful, preordered, automatic, unplanned, antisocial, understandable, unable, payment, impossible, anti-war, insecure, midnight.

    C:- 1. I couldn’t find my wallet, yet it was in my bag.
    2. The doctor told me to take my medicine, but I don’t like it.
    3. I didn’t like the movie, but my sister loved it.
    4. My brother prefers pasta, yet I like pizza.
    5. She didn’t want to go to the movies, yet she went for her family.

    D:- 1. I’m really excited because I might go back to my home country next year.
    2. My friends threw me a party because I graduated.
    3. While my brother is a passionate Fortnite fan, he prefers studying.
    4. I cleaned my room after I came home.
    5. I went to see the doctor because I was sick.

    EXCELLENT WORK, Tahreem!


    Isaiha Ryan Rivera

    Prefix List
    A) anti- , auto , ben , fore- , hyper There are so many more, Isaiha

    B) coexist, cooperation, collaboration.

    1- The moon appeared in the night sky, and wolves sang to greet it.
    2 – In the Tell Tale Heart, was it really the Deadman’s heart beating, or was it the narrator’s own heart rate filled with anxiety.
    3 – Morpheus’s features made him seem so young, yet there was a feeling about him that felt older than existence itself.
    4 – He resisted the phone call rings yet his heart banged on his rib cage to pick up.
    5- Eros loved Psyche on the greatest of occasions, but betrayed by his lover, labors were in need of completion.

    1 – The monster lives, after all this time. not a clause
    2- Bridgette convinced herself that she would do well, while she was on route to school.
    3 – Michaelangelo ordered five pies of pizza for his father and brothers, after it was delivered, he left two pies for them.
    4 – Your mother was never like that or I lied. simple, not complex
    5 – POV : Peta – ” We really need turtles and bees, either that or we die. compound, not complex

    You need more good complex sentences than what is here.



    A) Some prefixes are : a- , anti- , be- , de- , en- , ex- , hyper- , in- , inter- , non- , or- , pre- , pro- , re- , semi- , sub- , syn- , trans- , un- , under- .

    B) Words I know that begin with “co” : co-pilot, co-education correlate, coincide

    C) 1. I want a puppy because I love them so much but my mom said no she wants a cat.
    2. She does not like basketball or track. So she has to find another sport to play. join, don’t separate
    3. We can go to the park unless you want to go to the arcade instead. complex, not compound
    4. I actually enjoy going to school although the homework I get makes me dislike it.
    5. I need to wake up early for school so I’m not late. add a comma before “so”
    Pretty good sentences for the most part, Aaliyah.
    D) 1. I was blunt towards him because I was having a bad day.
    2. Because she ate the cookies straight out the oven, she ended up burning her tongue.
    3. The old, dingy house collapsed, but that was bound to happen. compound, not complex
    4. I’m going to start buying long sleeve shirts and long pants, since winter is almost here. commas unnecessary
    5. While the dogs ate breakfast, I made my coffee.


    Hao Yu M

    A) Prefixes I know: “anti-”, “auto-”, “co-”, “dis-”, “ex-”, “in-”, “micro-”, “sub-”, “trans-”, “un-”.
    Wherever there are grammar errors, I will cross out the error and you need to fix all of them. Numbers 1, 4, and 5 are good.

    B) The word with prefix “co-”: cooperate, co-worker, country, county, copilot, coexist, cosign, costar.

    C) 1) I found a 20 dollar bill on the floor, so I picked it up.
    2) His mother found out that her husband is cheating on her, so they are getting divorce.
    3) She just got a rub, but luckily she is safely home.
    4) I found out the chips I bought were expired, yet I still ate them.
    5) He wants to buy a new car, but he doesn’t have any money.

    D) 1) I am late because the train didn’t come on time.
    2) He’s preparing for his wife’s birthday while she is on a trip.
    3) I love eating snacks while watching a movie. not a clause
    4) They decided to break-up since they don’t love each other anymore.
    5) She’s crying over their breakup, although they were no longer in love. no comma needed

    Most of these are good!


    Jakobi Phillips

    A) ante- anti- circum- co- de- dis- em-, en- epi- ex- extra- fore- homo- hyper- il-, im-, in-, ir- im-, in- infra- inter-, intra- macro- micro- mid- mis- mono- non- omni- para- post- pre- re- semi- sub- super- therm- trans- tri- un- uni-

    b) Antedate, Antibiotic, Circumstance, Co-worker, Devalue, Disagree, Embrace, Epidermis, Exterminate, Extraordinary, Forecast, Homosexual, Hyperactive, Impossible, Insert, Infrastructure, Interact, Macroeconomics, Microscope, Midway, Monotone, Nonsense, Omnivore, Parachute, Postpone, Prefix, Return, Semicircle, Submerge, Superfood, Thermometer, Transport, Triangle, Unfinished, Unicycle

    The above are all fine, Jakobi.

    D) Examples of complex sentences:
    1. I like to eat candy before I watch a movie.
    2. Hannah has been nothing but trouble since she got here.
    3. Although the war ended, and as people tend to have short memories, the city’s people were still divided over its impact.
    4. Because she was scoring many baskets, Elesa was considered the best player on the team.
    5. Whenever he was lonely, Lance called his mother.

    Perfect complex sentences!



    Redoing part C

    1) My job interview begins at 5, but I arrived at 5:30
    2)My sister calls me angry, so I did not pick up her call
    3)My mom prefers a house, yet I like condos.
    4)I forgot to read the Bible, yet my mother still reminded me.
    5)I hear a cat crying, so I went to follow the sound.

    Excellent, Viviana!


    Ali Ammar

    A) anti-, co-, de-, dis-, micro-, macro-, pre-, post-, un-, ex-, in-, inter, tele-, up-
    B) Codependence, coincidental, copilot, costar, cohesive, coincide
    1) I prefer milkshakes, but my family prefers sundaes.
    2) Im a fast walker, but my friends are slow walkers. add an apostrophe
    3) Victoria wrote a story, and George reviewed it.
    4) I was recovering from a sickness, so my academic progress was hindered.
    5) All my friends are on Instagram, but I mainly use Twitter, so its hard to talk to them online.
    1) After spending all night studying, Im ready to take the test.
    2) Before class starts, I need to prepare and leave on time.
    3) If the train gets delayed, I cant make it to class on time. add an apostrophe
    4) If I dont work out, im going to continue being stressed. add an apostrophe
    5) Before COVID, wearing a mask wasn’t considered normal. wrong: a phrase, not a clause

    Very nice sentences (9 out of 10) but you need to learn to use apostrophes, Ali!


    Shane Osbourne


    A) Co, Pre, Ex, Con, Non, Auto, Sub, Un, In, Pro, Bi, Homo, Post.

    B) Co-operative, Co-sign, Co-pilot, Co-worker, Co-incidental, Co-analyze, Co-produce.
    Shane, please keep in mind that sometimes such words can be joined without the hyphen.
    1. We like to play basketball, But Max is terrible at Basketball.
    2. Frank went to work, and Tim went to school
    3. Grace opened the window and she looked outside
    4. Bolt ran the fastest he’s ever run, Yet he still came in last place in the race.
    5. Jim was hungry, so he ate a sandwich
    The sentences above are good, the capital letters after the commas are incorrect.
    1. Kim got into a fight because she pushed someone.
    2. When Ria gets angry, She tends to cry.
    3. While rob was playing football, He sprained his ankle.
    4. My mom yelled at me Because my room was dirty.
    5. I needed to get a shot to enter the campus. Number 5 is not a complex sentence. It only has one clause.

    The others are good, except for those unnecessary mid-sentence commas.

    Much better this time, Shane.


    Ariel Benmoshe

    A) ex-, de-, dis-, micro-, pre-, anti-, post-, un-, in-, tele-, up-, co-, macro-

    B) Cooperative, coworker, copilot, cosign, costar.

    C) 1. I couldn’t find my keys, yet it was in my pocket.
    2. We went to play football, but Isak hates football.
    3. I saw some money on the floor, but I left it for someone else.
    4. I heard my name called at a concert, so I followed the sound of their voice.
    5. My friend said he was starving, so he ordered one of everything on the menu!

    D) 1. I’m thrilled because I am going to Italy this year!
    2. After a long day of work, I’m always ready to go to sleep.
    3. I reorganized the entire pantry after I came home from school.
    4. Due to his excellent performance, Michael was awarded the most valuable player trophy.
    5. While my parents were having dinner, I was preparing the dessert.

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