ENG 1101 English Composition I, section OL 0110

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  • Oct. 19 transitionals further explained
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    Prof. Masiello

    Please post the 10 revised sentences here in Discussion.

    The explanation is in Docs called 10.19.22 “transitionals further explained”


    Elin Louz

    1: Everyone agreed to order sushi ; Jackson was the only one to complain.
    2: I drove to school and got stuck in traffic . I feel , if I had just taken the train I would’ve saved time.
    3: The hunger games was an amazing story ; I liked the books better than the movie.
    4: I decided to stay home last night. I feel, I had missed out on a fun time.
    5; Riding a bike is something almost every child learns growing up . However, I had not learnt how to ride one until I was a teenager.
    6: I was hosting a sleepover for my friends last weekend ; I am thinking of planning another one this weekend.
    7: I have been practicing my Italian on Duolingo. I feel, my Italian is ultimately getting better with more practice.
    8: I believe the best vacation spot is Greece. I have never been, although the pictures online look unreal.
    9: I am not looking forward to baseball season coming to an end ; I always root for the yankees.
    10: I have been working with a new math tutor lately. I feel, she is a better tutor.

    I am not sure why you aadded those commas, but they are incorrect, Elin. Only number 5 had a transitional.

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