ENG 1101 D337/C337: An Introduction to College Writing, Fall 2015

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ENG 1101 D337/C337: An Introduction to College Writing, Fall 2015
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ENG 1101
Semester / Year
Fall 2015
Course Description

Engl English Composition I is a course designed to introduce you to college writing through an exploration of a wide variety of texts and writing assignments revolving around themes of identity and social justice in the United States with a focus on New York City and the rich and varied stories and perspectives of the people who have made it their home. Drawing on readings from a wide variety of genres—as well as your own experience and knowledge—we will explore current issues and debates that impact people’s lives in the city. In doing so, we will explore the concept of the “right to the city” as it relates to New York City and our own lives (and the lives of others) within it. We will also examine the role of writing, critical literacy and “the stories we tell” in shaping and understanding our identities, our world and are places within it. Through the various writing assignments you complete for this class, you will develop effective essay writing and basic research techniques, including the use of the library. College-level readings are assigned as the basis for in-class and online discussion and for essay writing. CUNY certification in reading and writing is the prerequisite for this course.