ENG 1101/D336 Introduction to College Writing, Fall 2019

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ENG 1101/D336 Introduction to College Writing, Fall 2019
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ENG 1101
Semester / Year
Fall 2019
Course Description

English Composition I is a writing intensive course designed to introduce you to college writing and critical thinking about the purpose of education, the role of the university and the relationship between language, thinking and identity. Drawing on readings from a variety of genres—as well as your own experience and knowledge—we will reflect and write about issues related to learning, literacy, identity and engage in critical thinking about issues in higher education. Writing assignments will build on these themes while exploring a variety of genres as you will be encouraged to develop your own unique voice and imagination while developing rhetorical awareness, critical thinking and reading, writing and research skills.

This course encourages you to understand that writing is a process. To be a writer means engaging in a constant process of rewriting—in addition to reading and thinking about the writing of others. Thus, you will be encouraged to develop strategies for all stages of the writing process: free writing, brainstorming, drafting, collaborating, peer review, revising and presenting. Furthermore, the mission of this course is to carry forward and transmit to you a liberating tradition of reading and writing in the hopes that you will develop a lifelong interest in research as well as local, national and global issues. You may then use theses skills in your and the world’s best interest