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    Brandan Ramnandan

    In his article, Mike Bunn writes “You are already an author.” He’s talking to you. What do you think he means by this? What are some of the things you write already? (Hint: “Nothing” is not an acceptable answer.) Think of all of the ways you already use words in your everyday life. That’s authorship! How will that existing expertise help you in your college reading and writing career?
    Was there anything you noticed in Bunn’s article that you would like to try to do in your own writing? What, in particular? Please be specific!

    When mike bun writes “you are already an author.” I agree that he is talking to us the readers. That we are already authors as we have written on so many different occasions. In history class for papers, english essays, even just a reassurance text to someone you love. All of this is different way we write things and even commenting on posts for social media. We are writers and creating our our work based off our own opinions meaning we are authors as well.

    Me personally I think it’ll help me be more open minded and creative as I realize when writing, you are in control. Whatever you want the readers to believe you must write it in a way to convince the readers. A tip I noticed in Bunns’ article is that you must read like a writer and see the different ways the author used different tricks to grab the reader. The reason I chose this tip is because it is almost a way of doing research as a writer to help learn new skills to tell a story in the best way for a reader to follow.

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