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    Allan Yunayev

    I maybe different with my name being common and not being culturally “exclusive” like Mohamed or Hanif. I can understand but I do disagree to what Hassan and Abdurraqib has to say. When I am home my parents don’t call me by my name they call me “Alon” and everyone else in my religion does too but I don’t tell every other person that “Alon” is my name because I am more comfortable with only my family saying my name like that. Also my family observe the shabbat and other Jewish holidays that would restrict certain things like not being able to touch electricity and other stuff that other people are that are not Jewish would not know and I would try to explain it to them if they ask I don’t feel like worried. I live in a city that so many people of all different cultures live in not everybody is going to know what certain culture is about. Some cultures can speak different languages with different phonics making hard to say in other languages. Hassan lives in New Zealand and Abdurraqib living in America. They could inform people how to say their name properly and talk about their culture like they did when they created their piece.

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