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    Allan Yunayev

    What Mike Bunn means when he says “You are already an author” means any form of writing that you wrote whether it is texting, writing for school, or even posting something online is still writing something which makes you the author of what you wrote. Some things I have written are an essay that was assigned to me in class, a rant on a certain manga with random people online, and casual texting with friends and family. these ways of writing are completely different, for school assignments I would be writing in a formal form, meanwhile, texting is informal with grammatical errors, and writing an argument about something online is usually informal but with good grammar. If there are grammatical errors in your online opinion your argument is invalid. This different expertise shows how you answer your question and write in your career. If you want to be brief with someone or answer with a shorter sentence be a little informal making it easier for you and your readers to understand.

    Something I notice in Bunn’s article that I would like to try is question why the author does a certain thing and use some of their writing styles as a guide to help your own piece. I am not a good writer and reader at all, probably because I never read an assigned book until 12th grade but It takes me a long time to think about what I should write or how to write something so using the author’s writing style I can use it as a base if I can’t think of something. Also when writing my analysis they are always short so when trying to read I should use those questions that Bunn made to further my analysis.

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