As a nurse, my philosophy is to commit myself to those who are in an unfortunate state of well being. It is important to be culturally sensitive and fair to everyone requiring my professional service. That is to give the same treatment to everyone and do not discriminate, but at the same time value each individual’s uniqueness.

My nursing philosophy is also to represent the growing knowledge of the nursing profession. With that, it is my obligation to review and apply evidence based practice, because to give optimum level of care to those in need of it, it is essential to have the most current knowledge that is supported by research studies and practices. It is also the right of every individual to seek care from a nurse that is always ready to advance their scale of professionalism and all other members of the nursing discipline.

As a nurse, we always hold in our pockets intuition and critical thinking. These grow with time and when used together, they work magic on the outcomes of our clients. My philosophy also includes the idea that two heads are better then one. To yield better outcomes for our clients we must also include the knowledge and expertise of other health care professionals, because when we include our practice and collaborate with others, we raise the bar of the treatment provided. A philosophy can have many aspects, but the most important for the nursing discipline is being able to really care for others.