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    To: Professor Abreu, Director of service
    From: Jasmin Ledesma
    Date: February 27, 2020

    Restaurant review of Caleta 111 by an expert of a fine restaurant, Peter Wells. He talks about his experience after visiting this restaurant. The restaurant Caleta 111 is a Peruvian restaurant, Peter Wells tells that the restaurant is a “Most are modest in spirit and unprepossessing in appearance”. In other words, this restaurant lacks an appealing appearance, but it has a humble atmosphere. He describes the restaurant as small as a parking space, but very ambitious. Luis Caballero is the chef and owner. He wears Peruvian style hats while he makes his ceviches and causas. Pete wells describes the Cause dish as “to escape the gravitational pull of the mashed potatoes they are built upon. It is trickled over choritos a la Chalaca, chilled mussels in their green-edged shells under a mound of raw Peruvian salsa”. The ingredient principal of his dishes is lime juice, what makes his lime juice different is the other ingredient that he added which are ginger, garlic, cilantro, and mighty rocoto pepper and chiles all of this combine is what the owner calls Tiger milk. In general, his dishes are seafood on the menu with the mention of two desserts that are only available on weekends.
    Restaurants like these that are humble and ambitious are very appealing to me. They help make a visit more memorable with their unique dishes and welcoming staff.

    “Providing Over 70 Years of Quality Service to the Hospitality Industry”

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The topic ‘’ is closed to new replies.