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My Shopping Cart App
I have created a shopping cart app which will let multiple user to have access to it and shop from the item listed. There will be two different types of user. One is admin and another is shopper. Shopper can only view and add items to their cart as well as the admin. However shopper can’t edit or destroy any item, neither add any new items. Also shoppers can only view the orders and users but has no control over. Admin has access over every single details in the site and can create, update, destroy and view. My admin id is “admin@mail.com” and password is “admin123”. and shoppers could be any one. however anyone try to log in , need to sign up first. without logging in there is no access to add any items to cart or any other procedures. admin: "admin@mail.com" password: "admin123" My app web link is: https://lit-tor-52679.herokuapp.com/ My Git Repository is:     https://github.com/uddinburhan321/Burhan-s_Shopping_Cart.git