CST1101 Computer Programming and Problem Solving, FA2014

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CST1101 Computer Programming and Problem Solving, FA2014
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Computer Systems Technology
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Fall 2014
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This course introduces the student to concepts of problem solving using constructs of logic inherent in computer programming languages. The student studies the nature of problems, common solution approaches and analysis techniques. Students use flowchart interpreters to diagram problem solutions. Computer programming code is introduced to the student via the code generated by the flowcharting tool. This base of problem solving skills is augmented by high level computer tools, like Alice, an interactive 3D graphics program that could be used to create animations. These tools enable students to construct solutions to common algorithmic problems. The major emphasis is on teaching the student to identify solutions to a problem and translate them into various forms that will enable the computer to perform some of the steps in a solution of an actual problem instance. These forms include an objected oriented packages, flowcharting tool and viewing generated software code.


This course was created by: Raffi Khatchadourian

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