CST 2301 Mobile Device and Multimedia Programming FA2015

This game was inspired by the retro-game asteroids. It was an especially nostalgic game for me. The main point of this project was to incorporate all that we have learned in CST 2301 Mobile Programming. So, I decided to create something close to home. Took me quite some time and there are more things to fix, but I’m very proud of my progress. Learned much about the Canvas, intents, fragments, openGl (although I did not use it), lifecycle callbacks, and so much more. Here are some screen shots and video of the game in action.

Note to play this you must have api level 19 or higher also if your using an AVD you must set the heap space to at least 128mb In the AVD Manager before creating your virtual device go to advance and changed the heap space there. The default 64MB is not sufficient. This game will play easier if played on an actual phone! =)