Connect Day Data Analytics 2023


August 31st, 2023, 12:45pm-2:15pm


Online Zoom Meeting with Professor Sean P. Macdonald (the founder and head of the Data Analytics Program) Link Here

In-Person Meeting with Suela Aalsberg (Lecturer of Economics) – Room N616      Namm Building


Greeting New Students for Fall 2023!

The Bachelor of Science degree in Data Analytics/Economics offers an excellent opportunity as a field of study. This can be seen from a strong labor market picture, together with a wide range of internship programs and opportunities, and rapidly growing enrollment trends at colleges and universities nationally and internationally. The skills attained through this program will prepare students for entry-level positions across a number of industries and occupations, including healthcare, finance, public policy, real estate, environmental analysis, digital media, research and development, behavioral science, marketing, outcomes research, and banking. The program will also prepare students who choose to go on to graduate studies, e.g., MBA, MPH, etc. Based upon several recent studies and the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook, jobs in data analytics are in high demand and will continue to grow as the volume of data rapidly expands. Here


Meet the Chair:

Professor Eric Rodriguez

Welcome to the Social Science Department Here