COMD3500. OL26. FA2020

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COMD3500. OL26. FA2020
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Communication Design
Course Code
COMD 3500
Semester / Year
Fall 2020
Course Description

Campaign Development I is a “in depth” exploration of the contemporary advertising campaign.
It. will build on skills you obtained in COMD2300 & COMD2400. Working individually and as teams, you will be responsible for researching and developing creative concepts for various package goods and service sector clients. Conceptual thinking will be refined. and enhanced. Advertising that is “atypical” – that breaks the mold – will be discussed and encouraged since no one notices “nice advertising”. The importance of developing and understanding smart strategies and how they work into conceptual solutions will be addressed. You will be encouraged to develop a ePortfolio site. Examples of stellar advertising – past, present and breaking – will be shown throughout this course. When possible, appropriate field trips will be incorporated into our class schedule.


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