COMD1162 Raster & Vector, Spring 2022

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    Maureen Neuringer


    You need to create a logo that will be used in various applications for a client. What application Illustrator or Photoshop would you choose?

    If I needed to create a logo for a client that would be used in various applications I would determine using Illustrator or photoshop by the kind of logo the client wants.

    Why would you make that choice?

    I think is the most important thing when creating a logo is that the client is happy. Based on that I could tell and some of the ways the logo would be used. For example, if the client wants something that is more graphic and would be printed or made in different sizes then I would choose Adobe Illustrator. If the logo was made in Illustrator it can change the sizes and it would still maintain the quality and the sharpness, while if had use photoshop the quality would be blurry since the image would be made out of pixels. On the other hand, if the client wasn’t going to use the logo in different sizes and maybe wanted a logo with a more photo-realistic logo then I think Photoshop would be more appropriate. I do however think Illustrator would be the most effective to use when creating a logo since there could also be more creative freedom because you are not restricted to working in a rectangle or squares. Illustrator is vector-based but vectors are easily changed into raster images if it’s necessary, while raster images are more complex to change to vector.

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