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Muted Color Studies 2

  This is my second muted color piece. For this one I tried to express a narrow range using […] See MoreMuted Color Studies 2

Color Wheel

This is my interpretation of the color wheel. I used the first letter of each color to represent […] See MoreColor Wheel

Muted Color Studies

  This is the first muted color collage that I made. To achieve a broad range of muted […] See MoreMuted Color Studies

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Comment on "Cut out Collage"

Yeah it does look like a windmill. Pretty cool. I like this collage cause I can see the motion and […] See MoreComment on "Cut out Collage"

Comment on "Cut out Collage"

This is my first collage using cut pieces of the image of my face. I didn't really have any sort […] See MoreComment on "Cut out Collage"

Comment on "Value Scale"

This is my painted value scale. I didn't find this to be terribly difficult to make. I do believe […] See MoreComment on "Value Scale"